What is Procell

What is PROCELL™?

Advanced Hydration Formula

The #1 Question sent to us is, “What is PROCELL™?”

Simple.  PROCELL™ is an advanced hydration formula that when added to water is how you rehydrate fast!

How does it work?

Well here is your answer. It’s pretty simple… almost too simple…

And that’s the thing, hydration doesn’t have to be hard, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing it right.

Just because you drink enough water doesn’t mean your cells have the ability to absorb it properly.

Think of it this way.

Just because you have a garage to park your car in, if the garage door is shut you can’t park your car inside.

But if you have a garage door opener… then you can pull your car right in.

PROCELL™ is the garage door opener. 

Simply add PROCELL™ to the water you drink all day every day and BOOM! You have the garage door opener to your CELLS!!!!

Absorb more water, faster, more effectively without all the additives, artificial flavors, and ingredients that cause more harm than good, like most hydrating sports drinks.

Can you believe we only use 3 ingredients and are still able to achieve maximum cell re-hydration?


Organic Aloe Vera –

Aloe Vera contains glucomannans that have the ability to enhance the transportation of nutrients into body cells, making those nutrients more bioavailable and effective.

Lycium Berries –

These berries contain unique polysaccharides that have been documented to have positive effects on energy levels, athletic performance, stamina, endurance, metabolism, glucose control and cell protection.

Shilajit –

The polyelectrolyte delivery system of himilayan shilajat was designed by nature to enhance the absorption, stability and effect of nutrients in the body. Shilajit contains a potent blend of humic acid, fulvic acid, and organic plant materials to nourish cells. 

Backed by Scientific Studies:

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Get yours today!… and #BETHECHARGE with PROCELL™ 

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